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The Journey

“There is a chemical expression for every emotion we feel" says Brandon. "At a purely chemical level, consciousness and emotions are affecting our cells. The Journey is about cellular healing. It is about getting to the root, or core, of an emotional issue or physical block - really uncovering it in the deepest part of the being - before resolving it and letting it go. This means the body can go about the process of healing."

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese natural healing method that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and restores balance in the body and being. The word itself means ‘universal life force’, an energy which is all around us. As a therapy it works by channelling this energy in the form of hands –on- healing. Reiki benefits the client on all levels – the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical by releasing any blocks in our chakras...

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Mindfulness and meditation

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. It helps us change the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us. It is based on the learning of how to just “be” with you. This creates a sense of present-moment awareness where thoughts cease to be. We all share the same wish and the same right, to seek inner contentment. A lot of time and energy is spent trying to find inner peace and satisfaction...

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