‘If you open into the core of any emotion, there you will find the peace you are seeking. Emotions are your greatest friend. They are the gateway to your soul.’

What happens during the session?

The session takes place in a relaxed environment with the eyes closed. It begins with a safe and effective guided meditation that opens the door to resolving the issues. Each session is very individual and unique and unfolds gracefully and effortlessly. Ultimately,forgiving yourself and others and understanding what’s happened to you. Then the body begins to heal very naturally and of its own accord, the same way our hair grows and our eyes shine!

Will I uncover things I can’t deal with?

The body and the soul already know what needs to be healed and at what depth you are ready to go. By Trusting and being in the present moment t Grace will guide you effortlessly. There is no “proper” way to do the process.

I feel a lot of apprehsion about the   process.

This is very natural and actually this is a good sign! You are now ready to face the issues! Often I feel resistance come up for me before I do any journey process and I remind myself how good I will feel afterwards and how truly grateful I am for pushing through the resistance.


Is one process sufficient?

This is entirely individual but Definitely 1 journey process will benefit you hugely.. For the majority of people one session can be enough to clear the issue completely. For others it may take several.  Ann-Marie will be able to advice, but ultimately you will know yourself, trust your instincts and know that you are your best judge.

How can I support myself before and after a Journey process?


It is highly recommended that you have read Brandon’s book “The Journey” before your first process. This allows your mind to be able to relax in the knowledge that you know what the Journey process is about.



It is advised that you relax for the rest of the day. Your body has gone through intense cellular activity and detoxification and it needs time to integrate this all. Take great care of yourself, maybe a hot bath with salts, some wholesome soup, drink plenty of water (flush the toxins out of the body) perhaps a massage and an early night.