Tennis visualisation
Tennis visualisation

Meditation and Tennis visualisation

80% To 90% Of The Game of tennis Is Mental

The mental game of tennis relates to the psychology and the struggle inside our human minds.  Players must learn to condition the mind to deal with the pressure of competitive tennis.

Meditation and visualisation can been used to overcome the problems associated with pre-match and during match nerves. It enhances focus and improves concentration by creating a relaxed and positive mind.

Common Tennis Problems Which Can Be Overcome With Mental Training - do you experience any of these?




  • Extreme nerves during matches / lack of belief in yourself

  • Playing great in practice, but lousy in tournament matches or competition

  • Practicing hard but getting no payback

  • Injuries or illnesses occurring just before tournament matches

  • Slumps in performance

  • Regularly recurring problems on the court

  • Concentration and technical problems

  • Doubts, fears, worries and anxiety, worrying about what others think

  • Inconsistency in matches

  • Overly worrying about the "uncontrollable" such as which opponent you will be drawn to play.

How does it work?

It begins with a guided meditation in a relaxing and safe environment. During the meditation a re-training of the mind takes place by developing personal techniques that support you during competitive games. These includes; positive thoughts, self-belief, more confidence, and visualisation.

At the end of the meditation, we sit together and create new healthy personal affirmations by writing it down and saying it each day for a number of weeks.

The benefits of Visualisation:

It improves your tennis technique by visualising yourself hitting the perfect first serve or seeing yourself playing the perfect forehand.

Enjoy an evening of learning, practical exercises, and meditation in a fun and relaxed environment. And improve your tennis too!

Venue: Swords Tennis Club.