The Journey


"I have found Journey Work a huge benefit in clearing off old issues that hold me back or which are a cause of anxiety or worry from time to time. Journey work will benefit anyone with physical or emotional challenges, and anyone who wants to clear up old stuff to be freer and more of themselves."

Helena Broderick

"My life was mostly a blur for me before I did the process, even though I always knew I could do more with myself, and I had a want for personal expansion and growth. I found out about The Journey in my search for this personal growth, I was in a state in my life where I had begun opening my eyes and to begin realising my potential, to work with the tools that I was born with. It was a wish to really open myself up to my truth which I had always have. The Journey is different for everyone, as we are all individuals having our own perspective in life, but The Journey is beautifully designed to give you a glimpse of your true self, that shining star inside of you that comes out whenever you feel love."


Christopher Berg


Reiki energy healing

“Ann-Marie is an amazing The Journey practitioner. She made me feel comfortable and safe from the moment I walked into her place. She is trustworthy and very accepting person. Her sensitive nature helped me to go through my Journey in a way I would never expect. I have not only found answers to my deep rooted problems but I also released many emotions stored deep in my cells. My body, mind, spirit and emotions are now in balance and I am finally ready for the opportunities life brought recently to my life.”

-Monika Ra